Client Management

Practice Better gives your clients the confidence of having you with them wherever they are.

24/7 access to files and records

Never be away from your files again! Access your client records from any internet-connected device, whether you’re at home or at the clinic.


Food, Supplement & Lifestyle Recommendations

Do you have a specialty or a niche clientele? Practice Better lets you create and reuse recommendations for health concerns that you routinely encounter.

Include. Exclude. Reduce

Recommend foods your clients should include, reduce or exclude from their diet.

Supplement Charts

Supplement charts make it easy for clients to view recommended dosages.

Curated Recommendations

Include recommendations from our done-for-you Lifestyle Recommendation bank.


Creating and sharing protocols has never been easier.

Practice Better lets you create protocol and lifestyle recommendation templates for health concerns that you routinely encounter. You can easily modify these templates to meet your clients' individual needs.

Supplement Database

Include supplements from our database of over 60,000 popular dietary health products, complete with ingredient details and recommended dosages.

Fullscript Integration

Access your favourite supplements from your Fullscript dispensary. Clients can order supplements directly from your published protocols.

Fillable Forms & Waivers

Practice Better lets you easily create beautiful forms and waivers ONCE to be used over and over again.

The best part is there is no more digging through your hard drive searching for files to print or email—when you add a client, just check the boxes of the forms you need completed. We’ll send them a reminder to fill out the forms, and you’ll get a notification once they’re completed.

Build or Upload

Use our built-in Form Builder to create forms right in the system or upload existing forms and worksheets to share with clients.

Complete & Sign

Clients can complete, sign and submit forms right from the Client Portal.

Add Notes

Take notes (yes notes!) on completed forms to review in your next session.

  • Session Notes

    Record & Manage Sessions

    Keep your sessions organized, timestamped and easily accessible in compliance with your regulatory body.

    Practice Better is the only way to take notes, link protocols and documents for every session.

  • Documents

    Upload & Share Documents

    Upload private notes and share files and folders with your clients.

    Conveniently import and share files with clients from Google Drive and Dropbox.

  • Tasks & Reminders

    Tasks & Reminders

    Send your clients reminders and tasks to complete before and after appointments.

    You can also create tasks and reminders for yourself to complete. You can also sync reminders back to your Google Calendar.

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