We help Health & Wellness professionals and their clients be more successful.

Practice Better is a tech company powered by people who get it, and who care. We help Health & Wellness practitioners and coaches grow their business, keep clients on track, and make a difference without burning out.

What makes us different

Quite simply, our platform is more than just a laundry list of features. We pride ourselves in understanding how you work and what you’re looking to accomplish, whether that’s scaling up, saving time, or both. Free 14-day Trial »

Each and every Practice Better feature is thoughtfully designed with you and your practice in mind. We do this to help make your days more efficient and effective.


Our promise is to help your business become even better

Access scheduling, payments, telehealth, charting, e-courses, client journals, messaging and more! Free 14-day Trial »

Automate recurring tasks (not just forms and reminders).

Improve your clients’ experience at all phases of their health journey.

Scale-up to reach more clients and maximize your impact while minimizing time behind a desk.


Customize your workflows to fit your business

No two practices are alike. Our flexible platform lets you customize your operations to suit your business and client needs. Free 14-day Trial »

Easily configure workflows to personalize and automate your client lifecycle - from discovery to onboarding to active care and coaching.

Automate your intake process allowing clients to book, pay, and complete forms online. Customize reminders and workflows based on services booked.

Set up intake forms, chart notes, recommendations, and protocols using pre-made templates or create your own to use again and again.

Customize what your clients can access (chat messaging, food/lifestyle journals, nutrient details, etc.) according to their needs and your preferences.

Keep your clients on track and coming back

It’s the consistent work and small wins that help clients keep momentum. When your clients see positive changes, they’re happy. And when they’re happy, they come back and refer their networks to you. Free 14-day Trial »

We understand that a successful practice requires happy and successful clients. That’s why we put an emphasis on providing you with the tools to keep your clients engaged while giving you hours of your time back.

Motivate your clients as they work through lifestyle changes with secure, HIPAA-compliant messaging for one-on-one and group interactions.

Journaling helps keep clients mindful of nutrition, lifestyle, and activity habits with the option to provide real-time feedback.

Through the secure Client Portal, clients can securely access recommendations, resources and reminders anytime, from their phone or desktop.

Hold clients accountable while maintaining healthy boundaries.

Efficiently scale your business

Health & Wellness business success used to be limited by the number of clients you could support in the traditional one-to-one model.
Free 14-day Trial »

We empower you to move beyond this ceiling to scale your services without compromising on client support and without burning out.

Move clients beyond single sessions with automated packages and programs.

Run group e-courses and challenges, create memberships, or simply automate client education so you can go deeper in your sessions.

Introduce a one-to-many model to make your services more accessible and scalable.

Don’t just take our word for it, thousands of practitioners switch to Practice Better for an unparalleled experience, better support and a platform that evolves to serve their growing business.

  • “ One of the things I have always loved about Practice Better is that they are not difficult to get a hold of. There are some software platforms where you send a message and it’s 3 or 4 days before anyone gets back to you.

    Kudos to Practice Better for investing in the resources to providing the support that can help members be successful on the platform. ”
    Ronda Nelson, PhD, MH
    Founder and CEO of Ronda Nelson & Co.
  • “ If you are a coach or practitioner in the holistic health space this software is for you. Practice Better includes everything you need to help your clients achieve the health outcomes they are after.

    The software is easy to use, intuitive & thoughtfully designed. It is an integral part of my practice that I can't live without! ”
    Emma Ford
    Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CNP) & founder of Gut Rooted
  • “ Between scheduling, billing, contracts, forms, note sharing, and custom protocols, Practice Better is an all-in-one solution for working with clients in a 1-on-1 capacity.

    Using Practice Better cuts so much admin and behind-the-scenes time out of the work I do to serve my 1-on-1 clients at a high level, while minimizing the time I spend on the computer. It’s a win-win for everyone! ”
    Laura Schoenfeld
    Registered Dietitian
  • “ Practice Better provides a seamless and professional experience for my clients in-person and online counselling sessions.

    The tools allow me to grow my business, focus on helping clients improve their mental health, and have the best possible experience working together. ”
    Tony Ho
    Registered Social Worker and Therapist