Teams & Collaboration

Streamline your team's workflow using Practice Better.

Team Scheduling & Bookings

We've made scheduling and billing a breeze with our unified team calendar and client bookings page.

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Unified Calendar

Manage scheduling for multiple team members on one unified calendar.

Online Bookings

Allow clients to book sessions with any practitioner on your team from one page.

Managed Billing

Collect payments for services and packages offered by any member of your team.


Team collaboration has never been easier.

Streamline your team's workflow using Practice Better. Share resources, collaborate on client files, and communicate using secure messaging. Learn more »

Resource Sharing

Share forms, templates and snippets with other team members to easily incorporate into their own workflows.

Secure Messaging

Create private team chats to collaborate on client cases; set up support forums for clients to stay connected and accountable.

Permissions & Security

Set up granular roles and permissions to give team members access to only the information they need.

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Granular Permissions

Create roles to provide each team member with only the access they need (e.g. a "scheduling assistant" role to manage appointments with no access to medical history).

Control Resources Access

Allow read-only access to other team members charts, notes and protocols.

Audit Log

Keep track of when resources are created, modified, viewed and removed from your account.

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