Programs & Courses

Run your signature programs right from Practice Better with tools designed for Health and Wellness pros.

Run your signature programs right from Practice Better.

Launch your signature or Done-For-You programs while using the additional resources in Practice Better to support participants and keep them on track.

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All-in-one Solution

Stop paying for expensive membership sites or delivering your program content through email.

Fixed-date & Evergreen Programs

Fixed-date programs start and end on scheduled dates; Evergreen programs are available for clients to enroll at any time.

Tasks & Worksheets

Add tasks and worksheets to each module to keep clients accountable.

Designed specifically for Health and Wellness pros like you.

Complement your signature programs and courses with journals, tasks and other great accountability features available in the Client Portal to keep participants on track.

From Practice Better you can assign module-specific tasks which are stored as part of your clients' health records. Use our built-in client management features to upsell services and add-ons, including access to the Food and Lifestyle Journals, Secure Messaging, sessions and packages.

All accessible from the same secure location—one website and one password for both you and your clients to manage.

Drip Content

Set up modules to be available right away or unlocked at a scheduled day and time.

Personalize Content

Use templates to personalize content as you would in your favorite campaign tool.

Track Progress

Get notifications when clients complete modules, tasks and worksheets.

Preview Content

Clients can preview PDFs and worksheets directly in the Portal without having to download.

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Check out our Help Center for in-depth tutorials on working with programs and courses in Practice Better.

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