Telehealth & Messaging

Stay connected to your clients with secure, real-time messaging and Instant Alerts

Keep online sessions personal with face-to-face video conferencing.

Run your next one-on-one video session right in Practice Better for secure and convenient coaching.

No Download Required

Join your Practice Better Telehealth sessions directly from the mobile app or web browser without having to leave the platform.

Screen Sharing

Give your online clients the same personal touch as your in-person clients by sharing information right from your screen.

Secure, Real-time Messaging

Chat has become the preferred means of communication for many clients. Practice Better makes it easy to quickly and securely connect using Secure Messaging. Learn more »

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Encourage Boundaries

Communicate with clients from one secure place rather than via text, email, social media.

Read Receipts

Get confirmation that your messages have been seen by your clients. Don’t worry, they still can’t see if you’ve read theirs.

Pinned Messages

Pin important messages and documents for future reference.

Instant Alerts and SMS Reminders

Get notifications of important events from Practice Better on your phone, tablet and computer.

Browser Alerts

Get notifications on your computer even when you're not logged into the Portal.

Push Notifications

Download the mobile app and get instant notifications of important events.

Text/SMS Reminders

Set up text reminders so clients don't miss their upcoming appointments. Available for Canada, US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

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Check out our Help Center for in-depth tutorials on Telehealth and Messaging in Practice Better.

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